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The Play

CreateTruth Productions presents Broken Branches, a powerful and intimate new work by playwright Lorene Stanwick.

Broken Branches explores the experience and impact of sibling abuse, a relatively unrecognized social issue that is flourishing in silence. Broken Branches takes us on a journey with three characters, each at different stages in their awareness of and healing from abuse by a sibling, and the people in their lives who become part of that unfolding. Their separate stories are woven together with shared themes – fear, strength, denial, addiction, courage – as they try to make sense of the traumatic childhood events that shaped their adult lives.

With humour and warmth, Broken Branches reveals how family dynamics can create the environment in which emotional, physical and sexual abuse by a brother or sister occurs, and the impact of that abuse. Informed by research and lived experience, the play questions the very meaning of family as it looks at how and why this can occur within the apparent "safety" of the family home.

At its core, Broken Branches is about resilience, survival and hope.


Update on Broken Branches

The Canadian premiere of Broken Branches, originally set for April 2017, has been postponed.

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