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The Play

Kids will be kids.   All brothers and sisters fight; that’s how they work things out.   Isn’t it just normal sibling rivalry?

We’ve all heard those words to justify conflict and fighting between siblings, even when the fighting seems constant and harmful. Unless a child is being hurt by an adult, or by a bully in the playground, the locker room, or online, we look the other way. But sometimes the bully lives in the same house, shares a bedroom, is in charge of their younger siblings.

Nearly everyone has a story, their own or that of someone they know, about the impact of sibling abuse. Broken Branches is a play that brings these stories out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Based on research and lived experience, it asks, What happens when sibling conflict crosses a line into something more than rivalry – into something cruel, even dangerous? A powerful and timely play, it unravels lives past and present, with all the pain and humour of family life, forever changing the way we see sibling relationships.

Brothers. Sisters. Survival.

From Director Philip McKee:  "Broken Branches is a very important and unique project. It is a remarkable showcase of human suffering and perseverance. The form of trauma it explores is almost completely hidden from public view. The staging of the aftermath of sibling abuse is therefore a radical and subversive act."

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