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Broken Branches was conceived from playwright Lorene Stanwick’s desire to use theatre to create awareness of the issue of sibling abuse. Her personal history was the impetus; lack of research and public discourse, the driver. The goal: to spark recognition, provide insight, start conversations.

As an actor with training in Drama in Education, Lorene knows the power of theatre to teach and incite social change, to move and challenge intellectually and emotionally. She is also a counsellor, and has witnessed many people’s search through their darkness, difficulty, success and joy. It was clear that writing a play – exploring the issue of sibling abuse through characters and their stories – was the obvious, most exciting and most powerful means by which to raise awareness.  

Thus, the journey that would become Broken Branches had begun. Welcome! We look forward to sharing these stories with you.


Lorene wishes to thank the many people who have supported and encouraged her while creating and developing this project. A special thank you to those who have shared their stories, as difficult as that sometimes was. Those stories are what keeps her going.

Thank you to the team that is moving Broken Branches into production:

Doug Hennessy, Co-Producer, Co-Founder CreateTruth Productions

Kelly Straughan, Executive/Artistic Director, and the amazing team at Workman Arts

Philip McKee, Director/Dramaturg

Jackie McAlpine, Theatre Administrator


We’d like to acknowledge those who helped bring Broken Branches through the first phase of development, culminating in its first public reading:

Joanne Latimer, Director/Dramaturg

Katerina Taxia

Lara Newman

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