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Workshops and Readings

CreateTruth Productions partnered with NightShift Theatre in the development of Broken Branches to produce two workshops. The first took place in August 2016 with a reading for a small group of invited guests. In October 2016 a public reading was presented at Workman Arts. Joanne Latimer directed the actors who brought the script to life, triggering laughter, a few tears, and a willingness to share their experience.

Over 50 people attended the reading, and all remained for a lively, engaging discussion with playwright Lorene Stanwick, Joanne, and the actors. The questions were incisive, and both the audience and the creative team shared stories of how Broken Branches impacted them, their understanding of what sibling abuse is and how their own lives have been touched by it.

Early Reviews of Broken Branches

This is a powerful piece of theatre. It touches on the diverse array of human emotions, landing the way art is supposed to land.  - Risa Handler, MA, RP, CCC, Counsellor

I was totally blown away by the insights and nuances of the writing. What impresses me is its sensitivity, humour and the impact it had on the audience. Every single person was riveted.  - David McClyment, College Professor

It raises what is at the centre of this abuse: secrecy and shame … Yet, far from being sad or depressing Broken Branches is hopeful, insightful, and even humorous. - Karla Minello, B.B.A., M.A.

It is exciting to see theatre that exposes audiences to new ways of understanding and processing trauma, and the impact it can have, in a way that is sensitive, informative, moving, and entertaining.  - Cara Spooner, Public Partnerships and Programming Manager, Workman Arts

Every good piece of theatre wants to end with discussion continuing afterwards, into the streets and into homes, and Broken Branches does just that.  - FS, Senior Toronto Theatre Administrator

Thank you to Patricia Casey, Mark Correia, Karleena Kelly, Anastasia Kokolakis, and Katerina Taxia for their powerful performances, and to the many people who came out for a very special evening.

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